At the close of 2022, Clarion was recognised by leading legal publication The Lawyer as the third fastest growing law firm in Europe. In addition to revenue increasing by over 85% since 2017, the firm has also seen a huge rise in the size of its team which has grown by over 110% in the last five years.

Creating a strong and positive culture is at the heart of the firm’s success and Clarion has consistently been recognised in the prestigious ‘UK’s 100 Best Companies to Work For’ initiative, achieving the highest level of accreditation throughout 2022 for its outstanding levels of employee engagement. It was also ranked as the best law firm to work for in the UK in every quarter of last year; and it maintained the position of number 2 large corporate to work for in the whole of the UK. With its distinctive entrepreneurial approach, the dynamic firm has used its success in the region to expand and work with privately owned businesses, large corporates and high net worth individuals across the UK, as well as exporting its legal skills internationally. With its overseas work growing significantly over the last 5 years, Clarion currently provides legal support to its UK and overseas clients in over 75 countries and partners with a best friends network of carefully hand-picked and independent like-minded law firms around the world.


Why export legal services?

“As the firm has evolved, it’s become increasingly important that we’re able to help clients with overseas work. We have therefore developed relationships with other independent law firms around the world, also located in major cities but not necessarily in capital cities, who are a good fit with our own values and culture, to complement the in-house skills that we have. Over the last five years, we’ve focused on strengthening these links as the volume of our inbound and outbound overseas work has continued to grow."

“We can now say to clients that we can seamlessly support their legal needs globally. Our strategy has been hugely successful, and we’re also winning really interesting work from our best friend law firms worldwide. As English law is one of the country’s greatest exports, our expertise is relevant beyond our own national borders, and we’re becoming increasingly known as a strong UK legal partner for businesses and law firms globally."

“Last year, we worked across over 75 countries. From our Corporate, Commercial and Banking and Finance practices, to our Intellectual Property, Commercial Dispute Resolution and Private Client practices, we have supported both inbound and outbound international work, whether on behalf of large British corporates undertaking business overseas, or for international businesses operating in the UK."

“We expect international work to be hugely important to the firm going forward and the US and Europe in particular will be a key focus for us over the next five years. By successfully undertaking international work, we have proved able to compete with larger, global law firms and have helped cement Leeds as a strong legal centre on the world stage.”

David Williams,

Partner, Clarion


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